This Creepy Puzzle Arrived In Our Mail (11BX1371 Original Post)


This is the original article about 11BX1371 “The creepy puzzle“.

We received a letter from Poland containing a really weird CD.

Written on the disc is what looks like a product key, however upon examining the contents of the CD it’s quite clear that this is a puzzle of some sort.

The CD contains a video of this creepy looking dude in what appears to be an abandoned building doing.. stuff..

There are tons of clues in his actions, for one he seems to be blinking in morse code (or something similar, possibly binary) with a light in his hand. There are also symbols popping in and out around him. There might also be clues in his body language, albeit more subtle.

In the DVD menu there is also a clue, which I almost missed.

Clearly a lot of effort was put into making this, and I’m personally very curious as to what it actually is.

I haven’t put all that much time on trying to decode it. I tried googling the letters on the CD and in the video, to no avail. I also checked the disc for hidden files, but there’s just the video. Also there didn’t seem to be any clues on the envelope itself, just our address and a polish stamp.
And while there are a few similar puzzles like this, I couldn’t find anything about this one.

So I’m reaching out to you to try and help decode this.

Here is the actual video:

If you know what it is or if you manage to crack it, please leave a comment, or send us a message in the contact section.

It would be great to know what this oddity actually is.

Update 1:

This post has received a lot of attention. It’s getting closer to an answer.

Somebody on Reddit put the sound into a spectrogram and this came out. One thing is for sure, there are indeed hidden messages in the video.


This comment was also posted:

Using computer forensics, I’m going to try a stab at this bitch. Base64 Encoded string on the front on your CD. Encoded as ‘YWEldTAxMDJVJXUwVWFjZ2E=’ is now ‘aa%u0102U%u0Uacga’. Now we’re like “shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit”, but I’m like, that 11B-X-1371 seems familar to me. aa%u0102U%u0Uacga could be some puzzle too, i see a pattern, if we turn %u into – we get aa-0102U-0Uacga, then standard writing formats for UNICODE are U+XXXX, X’s indicated a validate integer. so U+0000 = NULL byte, so we have U+0 (0U), and U+0102 = Ă (0102U) or U+0201 = ȁ (0102U) if they wrote it backwards to screw with you more. Since they is potentially a null byte, i’ll exclude it. Now we have aa-Ă-acga and aa-ȁ-acga, if the letters of the alphabet represent their corresponding incrementing numeric value, we get 11-Ă-1371 and 11-ȁ-1371 huh similar to that 11B-X-1371.. okay wait.. lets not exlcude that null byte, and flip something around, 11[NULLBYTE]-ȁ-1371/11[NULLBYTE]-Ă-1371. Now we’re closer.. so maybe it’s not unicode or maybe it still is..

I have to work in the morning, and have to head out. I might come back to this. Hopefully this helps someone. By the way, googling 11B-X-1371 lead me to a few posts from May about the same video and creepiness, plus a youtuber named “Parker Wright” upload this video about a week ago with 11B-X-1371 as the title.

So it would seem I’m not the only one who has received this. Couldn’t find anything about that ‘Parker Wright’ though.

And lastly, someone has screencapped all the hidden messages and put them into an album. Thanks!

Update 2:

Someone has found a message in morse code that translates to ‘RED LIPSLIFE TENTH’

Not sure if this has any relevance, but it’s interesting at least.

“E2-E3 D1-F3 F1-C4 F3xF7” below and to their left at 1:37.

This is a four-move checkmate in chess if that helps at all

I have also received emails asking questions about this. To sum up, I received the letter several months ago, didn’t really think to post it until recently. The letter was addressed simply to ‘Gadgetzz’ and our PO box.
Note, you can find our addresses on the website, and they chose to send it to our Swedish adress and not the one in the US.

Whatever this is, we might be getting an answer soon. Thanks to anyone who has helped figure this out

Update 3:

It’s getting really weird now.

First of, people are saying it looks like the kind of mask doctors wore during the black death plague. The beak is to fill with various herbs. Somewhat interesting.

And this is where it starts to get seriously creepy.

Yeah this is creepy… 33 38 2e 38 39 37 37 30 39 2c 2d 37 37 2e 30 33 36 35 34 33
Coded GPS coordinates:
The White House, W Executive Ave NW, Washington, DC 20502

But the sickest part is that when decoding images from the sound, disturbing images where uncovered.. Basically what looks like women being tortured, or something.. That’s obviously NSFW, so I won’t post it, but you can find it easily if you look around a bit.

Now there are so many theories about this. Some say Illuminati, some say serial killer or even a threat directed at me. Perhaps, perhaps not, but I am highly skeptical. It makes sense to send it to me if it’s an elaborate joke or experiment, but if it were a serious threat I doubt it would be sent to a tech blog.

One person commented this, and it makes a lot of sense.:

There’s a good indication that the purpose of the message is not to send a message, the short “artistic” touches used from time to time. If you want to send a message of significance you don’t need that.

But it’s still very odd and interesting. Together we have made quite a bit of progress figuring this thing out. Quite impressive people! Let’s keep going.

Update 4:

It seems the first place this was posted to has been found. A post on the ‘paranormal’ board on the imageboard 4chan. This was one the 9th of May.

Possibly that was the person who made it, but the post says that the CD was found on a park bench. Either way, it makes me wonder even more how it ended up in my mail.

Update 5:

I almost missed this, apparently there is a different image from the sound in the DVD menu.


Update 6:

Someone might have found voices in the audio. Nothing specific yet though.

I have found voices in the recording but im having trouble isolating it. The best example I can find was between 20-40 seconds and it sits between 35-40 Hz & 70-90hz – It looks almost like an echo between the two bands of the same thing. Im going to try and layer the two bands together because 35-40 Hz on its own just sounds to rubbish to make out. I can also hear a clear beeping thats not in sync with the obvious morse code in the visual spectrum. Personally i think there is actually a bit more in the audio…

Update 7:

Well, since my last update this thing has reached a lot of people. More than I could have ever expected. Unfortunately nothing major has been uncovered and we aren’t much closer to an answer. But some interesting things have indeed been found.

The Daily Dot has found an even earlier version of the video than the Parker Wright one. Apparently this guy also claims to have found it on a park bench, just like the person in the 4chan thread. The Daily Dot reached out to him and he insisted he was not the one who sent it to me. But clearly we’re starting to see that this thing has been floating around more than we thought.

Here is the video

Oh and an interesting thing, the binary in the title translates to ‘Muerte’ which means death. Not sure where the uploader got that though.

This might be an important clue. It’s part of an email someone sent me and is referring to the audio track.

..there are specific pulses at 1.5khz, 4.4khz, 7.4khz. 10.515khz and 12.5khz look to be slightly different pulses. Unfortunately I can’t read morse code but there may be another layer there.

This person also found more imagery in the spectogram, although it’s hard to say if this a clue or just a random pattern.

Also people on a German forum seem to have uncovered a hidden 3D stereogram in the audio, which apparently reads, “you die.” I can barely see it, but many people say it’s there. The trick is to cross your eyes, like in one of those split 3D images.

I also decided to include a link to the ISO that has been floating around since many people are asking for it. You can find it here.

That link is down because of too much traffic. Here is our ISO.

Update 8:

This is pretty major! I have found the envelope in which the CD came. I have included pictures of every angle.

Apparently I remember a few things about it incorrectly. There were several stamps, not just one. Also it was addressed to me rather than just the blog. The mystery deepens


I think there’s a possibility that the stamps are clues. On one of the stamps it looks like a person with a mask, not like the one in the video, but it still caught my attention.

The date stamps are very hard to read, but I think it says it was sent on may 23. Also it might have been sent from Warsaw, at least it stopped by there, the date stamps are from Warsaw.

Here are more images:

I didn’t resize the images, so they might take a while to load. A tip would be to open them in a new tab

Also this comment just came in

A sequence of flashing lights at 00:32.920.
“2015THEREWILLBE(THREE)” (found on reddit)

One last note: Sorry I can’t answer all your emails, I’m just getting so many. But if your email includes something new that hasn’t been seen before I’ll make sure to try and post about it.

Update 9:

Well, this is no doubt the most interesting theory yet:

Skrillex is an electro DJ known for his references and taste for illuminati and satanic issues. Has a very known song/video called “Red Lips” that came out in May 2015. Maybe is kinda marketing campaign, or maybe this can be the stolen CDs that Skrillex declared that had been stolen from his hotel room. Others electro DJs like Aphex Twin had before put hidden images in the specrogram, like in the musical video WindowLicker

Update 10:

Some pretty major stuff has been uncovered.

Someone has found the house in which the video was filmed! It’s an old mental hospital near Warsaw, the full Polish name is Zakład dla Nerwowo i Psychicznie Chorych Żydów Zofiówka.

Another major thing is that the origin of at least two of the gruesome images have been found.

Image of girl is the same as this image from the German movie Slasher made in 2007. I’ll link it to you, but be warned, it’s very much NSFW.

In the Audio Spectrograph, one of the images you can see, looks like a tortured girl BUT it also looks veeery close to Courbet’s Painting “Origin of the World”. The diferences are that the spectrograph version is shaved. Wich is an Andrey Keske art based on the Courbets.

I’ll link that too, but same warning, not safe for work. You can find it here

This is certainly a relief for me, even though I was skeptical, we now know it’s not a serial killer at least.

Also a ‘Capricorn symbol’ was found on one of the stamps.

Someone tried to contact Maxell and find out where the DVD was sold. Unfortunately they couldn’t tell us.

More hidden messages found:

I was finally able to decode this:
41 20 6e 65 77 20 6f 72 64 65 72 20 69 73 20 6f 6e 20 74 68 65 20 72
69 73 65 2e 20 59 6f 75 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 6a 6f 69 6e 2c 20 6f 72
20 79 6f 75 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 66 61 6c 6c 2e 20 54 68 65 20 76 69
72 75 73 20 68 61 73 20 73 70 72 65 61 64 20 74 6f 6f 20 66 61 72 3b
20 69 74 20 6d 75 73 74 20 62 65 20 73 74 6f 70 70 65 64 2e 20 57 65
20 77 69 6c 6c 20 64 69 6b 65 20 69 74 20 61 74 20 69 74 27 73 20 72
6f 6f 74 2e 20 31 33 20 61 6e 69 20 35 30 2c 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 62
75 72 6e 2e
Which translates to:
“A new order is on the rise. You will join, or you will fall. The virus has spread too far; it must be stopped. We will dike it at it’s root. 13 ani 50, will burn.”
(The only part I’m not 100% sure is “13 ani 50”). It must be a year, I would think 1350 a.c. which also corresponds to the period of the “Black Death” in Europe.

The last major breakthrough is that the people at ‘Cognitive Journeys’ seem to have found Parker Wright. And a lot suggests it’s the right person. You can look it up if you like, but I don’t want to risk starting a witch hunt on the guy.

While we are getting more answers all the time it does not seem like we are actually getting closer to finding out what the point of this CD was. So many theories but nothing substantial. But let’s keep working and maybe we’ll find out.

Also, thanks to everyone who is emailing me these answers. It’s getting really hard to respond to everyone at this point.

Update 11:

The origin of two more of the hidden images has been found:

One of the embedded photos is from a horror movie called The Bunny Game, .. , and a third is an actual crime-scene photo showing a victim of Albert DeSalvo, better known as the Boston Strangler.

Daily Dot

Regarding that Parker Wright who seemed to fit the profile fairly well, he has now come out denying any involvement in this.

  Also there’s this picture that was uploaded by the person who first uploaded the video to youtube.

Update 11:

So yeah.. Remember this picture? It was posted by the first uploader. He has contacted me asking to have it removed. Since he explained why I will respect his wishes. 2ab02d324be94bf2ea1acf5669183d1a It was a nonsense message to throw the ‘researchers’ of. It said something along the lines of : ‘And give you the return of all, would still be the same?’ ‘Not everything you see can be, something only a mirror can see’. That, and coordinates to the easter island. I can see why he would feel like doing something like this, good thing he came clean though. Also this makes me fairly sure, that even though he was the original uploader he did not create this thing. It doesn’t exactly fit the ‘feel’ of the video either. Although one might just as well suspect the opposite, that he did in fact do it, and now regrets the whole thing. If you still think it’s worth looking into, others have posted it elsewhere. Note AETBX also made up the stuff about ‘one year or less’.

Update 12:

For some unknown reason Facebook blocked all links to our website. That is of course extremely weird, and sort of adds to the mystery. Obviously no other news outlet that covered this has been blocked. But we are trying to resolve it, if you want to help you can report an issue to Facebook explaining this.

Update 13:

I forgot to mention something that was found a while ago. ‘We are the antivirus’ has been found in the spectrogram. Most of you have already seen it, I just forgot to write it up. Thanks to those who reminded me. A so called Pigpen cipher has been decoded, it holds the message ‘AD OPPUGNARE HOMINES’ which is latin for ‘To target men’. Enigma code has also been found, but so far no luck with deciphering it.   AETBX keeps spreading supposedly false information. This new spectrogram was sent to  Reddit user theufomusic, it includes this message:

0101010001100101001000000111001101101001 0110011101110101011001010010000001110001 0111010101100101011001000110000101101110 0110010001101111001000000011000100100000 0110000111000011101100010110111100100000 0110110101100101011011100110111101110011 [ES] Te sigue quedando 1 año menos [EN] You still has one year less (You still have one year or less)

rY08POi So the questions, what on earth is this guy trying to do. He claims he didn’t create the video, yet he very much acts like it.   You can get our ISO here. If this one also goes down there are tons of copies floating around, just google it.

Update 13:

Not much substantial seems to have happened since the last update. Although it is getting kind of hard to keep track of everything, so feel free to let me know if I missed anything. In the meanwhile I obviously have a blog to run, a job to do and my studies to worry about. But I am trying my best to report on any news regarding this. Also, I ask that you keep comments about the puzzle in this post or the one about the different theories. Thank you

Update 14:

The origin of another image in the spectrogram has been found. It’s a stock photo created by Jeff Thrower. You can see it here Thanks Ky0   13 ani (and?) 50 was part of one of the decrypted messages. It’s been suggested this might refer to 13 stripes and 50 stars on the U.S flag. So far the only solid theory, others have however suggested it might be a date or a year.   Someone pointed out this whole thing might be created by the same person who made a website called Magibon.com. It certainly is as creepy, if not more creepy. This was posted about the Magibon project by it’s creator (Danung)

This is an experiment in memetics, or the phenomenon of cultural transmission on the Internet. The idea was to utilize the fame and popularity of an already-existing cultural instance on the Internet. So I targeted the bizarrely popular YouTube-video-blogger “Mririan” (also known as “Magibon”).. She is a 21-year old (but much younger looking) girl who is most recognized for frequently putting up videos where she stares at the camera without saying much or anything at all. But her videos are seen by millions.

Update 15:

The origin of two more pictures has been found. The skull in the menu spectrogram The bones in the DVD menu

Update 16:

This discovery makes the whole thing seem even more absurd.

One line of polish standard brick is 6,5 cm, the person might be small guy, or a girl (still small)

I was there and I measured.. this person actually has a height of 1.3 meters

Can anyone confirm? This was posted in the comments below. Confirmed.

Update 17:

There’s still a lot of talk about the puzzle. But nothing substantial has been found since the last update. Although there are som many theories and small things that kind of fit, it’s really amazing. You can check the comments to see what I mean. If there’s something you’d like me to include in the next update, do email me. I’m having a pretty hard time keeping track of what’s going on. There has however been some rather funny stuff floating around!

Yeah.. Someone dressed up as ‘Birdman’ for Halloween.

We also have some funnies regarding the video..


So yeah.. It really is ridiculous how far this has gone.
It would be awesome to finally get some real answers.

There is an IRC chat I found on Reddit with people investigating this, feel free to check it out.

If you want to live investigate, here is the chat room:

Site: https://webchat.freenode.net/

chat room: #11BX1371

Update 18:

A new video has popped up. Presumably not by the same creator as the original, due to differences in style. But you never know, so I’ll add it anyway. Even if it’s just the work of copycats it’s pretty interesting.

01101101 01100001 01110010 01110100 01110111 01111001 translates to martwy which in Polish means dead, lifeless, defunct, extinct.

Apparently the footage is from a music video.
There have actually been a few videos claiming to be sequels. (In the original video there is the message ‘There will be three’, some say this means there will be three videos.) The difference is that those videos are mainly ‘remixes’ of the original.

Update 19:

This might be of use:

They Video was sent 11 May 2015 from 8 post office in Warsaw, adress of the PO is Juliana Bruna 34.
The Distance between Post Office and “Zofiówka” is 13,81 – 13,83 miles (I picked 2 points in Zofiówka where trees are close to the wall). Maybe it will help somebody..

People have also been asking me to check the envelope with a UV light. Unfortunately I don’t have one that would do the trick. I might buy one at some point though.

Update 20:

This is somewhat interesting, not sure if it’s useful though

Capricorn symbol on the stamps is also a part of Wingdings font and it represents letter G

Update 21:

It has been suggested that Anonymous has something to do with this video somehow.

The following sentence is from “Anonymous”:
“ISIS, we will hunt you, take down your sites, emails, accounts and expose you. From now on, no safe place for you online.
You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure.”

Maybe ISIS is the virus and Anonymous the “antivirus” – like in our creepy video.

Update 21:

A person claiming to be the creator of the video has stepped up recently on Twitter and Facebook. The person goes under the name Parker Warner Wright.

This isn’t the first person to make it seem like they made the video, but some things about this person stands out. He’s obviously very dedicated and keeps replying to questions, with fairly reasonable responses. He is very straight forward in his answers unlike others who claimed responsibility. The purpose of the video was apparently to make a political statement in an artistic way.
parker warner wright birdman 11bx1371 mask
For proof he has posted a picture of the supposed mask, of course people have replicated the mask previously, like the Halloween costume I posted about earlier.

And what might be the source files for the geometric puzzle in the video. He also posted the source code for the blinking light in the hand, which was apparently made using Arduino. However he failed to prove that the PWW Youtube account is his, he says it’s because he forgot the password.

If this is true it’s incredibly exciting. Personally I will remain skeptical for now, some things still don’t make sense, like why send it to me specifically.

Here is a document that was posted with many of his replies to questions.

So what do you think? Could this be the person who made it

Update 22:

Well, it’s starting to really look like the Parker Warner Wright guy is the person who made the video.

Besides the previously provided evidence, he has now changed the description of the original youtube video. Which means he has regained access to his youtube account.
It used to say ‘Are you listening?’, it now says ‘Are you watching?’

He also posted a CD which he says is from the same batch as the one that was sent to me. Suggesting we can confirm using the serial numbers on the CD. I honestly can’t read the serial numbers he provided, but if you want to have a go at it I have included the serial number on the CD I received.

Further photo evidence. This, I think is harder to fake. I am confident, if you match these numbers against the numbers on the disc Gadgetzz received, they should match very closely.

Posted by Parker Wright on Friday, December 4, 2015

Supposedly PWW gave one of the gloves in the video to a collector. However I haven’t been able to find any more than a tweet about it, so I’m not sure.

I’ve asked him about his reason for sending the video to me specifically. The answers were rather obscure and didn’t quite satisfy me, but apparently he received one of my business cards. That suggests he has attended a consumer electronics trade show. It would also

My first thought was the CES in Vegas, but it might make more sense if it was CeBIT or IFA, since these are in Germany and a bit closer to Poland. I have asked him for a picture of the business card, so let’s see if he delivers.
As for peoples reaction to this.. Some are relieved it’s just a piece of art, me included. But many people are also disappointed, since it kills the mystery. The comments on this Facebook post by PWW about sums that up.

Someone would have to be very clever, to produce the amount of evidence I have presented. It’s actually quite…

Posted by Parker Wright on Friday, December 4, 2015

Personally I don’t really know what to think. It may kill the mystery for some, but I’m more curious than ever. This is the closest we’ve been to any actual answers about this whole thing.

He has promised that a follow up version is on the way, which will supposedly fill some of the gaps in the first version.

Update 23:

Things are getting interesting again. Two major things have happened since the last update.

First of all, I joined the IRC chat with people working on this. Thanks for all your work! We couldn’t have gotten this far without so many dedicated people working on it.

They shed some light on the Tweet suggesting that PWW gave one his gloves to a collector. While they didn’t know who it was or any specific details about it, they did send me this image. Supposedly it’s the gloves that PWW was using for the film. They do seem to fit the visual profile, also they could well be wired up to an arduino. EHeZlgG

Now why there would be so many versions, when there was (presumably) only one glove used in the video, no one knows. Nor why the fingers are missing. But it’s pretty interesting if it’s real.

The second thing being that the people on the IRC have supposedly solved the enigma. Which is as I understand it, the last part of the puzzle that remained to be solved.

After a lot of hard work, the guys over at the IRC channel managed to decode the 6×4 cipher. It’s an enigma M4. Here the details: settings: M4 / UKW:C-thin / Gamma-III-I-II / Positions:E-K-W-F / Rings:A(1)-A(1)-A(1)-F(6) / plugboard:D-M:E-S:H-Z:J-P cipher text: AHCJWVFEYCHWOSVGXUGQOYXGXASERFFOHDVSCIMRNBBXHWLNRCUSLFCSLXIPNMPCFQJIXZIGFXRCQBXTRMSVSBOGUURDOCL output text: IPAZCOMPLACENTARETHEWEAKSTANDANDFIGHTWITHUSTAKEDOWNTHEBLACKBEASTKILLHISDISEASEORFALLWITHTHEREST

This was posted by Reddit user lchiocca.

However I have no clue as to what it means, so I wouldn’t call it entirely solved. There are some noticeable words in there though. Hopefully the meaning will become clear soon enough.

Also worth mentioning might be that PWW, who has been silent for a while now, posted something on his Facebook. The post says “Disregard my last”. Not sure what that means either.


Besides a few intermittent post on Twitter and Facebook since the last update, PWW has posted pictures with different coordinates.

Two … Deep contrast.

Posted by Parker Wright on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Three and four

Posted by Parker Wright on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Five and six

Posted by Parker Wright on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What this means is unclear. But I’m sure it’ll be revealed soon enough.
The most popular speculation is that these are locations for the new DVD.

Thanks to Singularity for the tip!

Final Update:

Parker Warner Wright has released part two of the video. You can find it and all information regarding it here.

Other creepy puzzle videos by Parker Warner Wright: