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Gadgetzz.com is a technology news website / tech blog owned by Gadgetzz AB. Gadgetzz was founded by Johny (John-Erik) Krahbichler (1995/06/18 – 2022/09/10).

Since Jonhys passing Gadgetzz is managed by his family.
Gadgetzz covers topics such as consumer electronics, video games, and sci-tech.

Gadgetzz started in 2009 and has since visited events such as the CES, CEWeek, CeBIT, IFA, DST, Comic Con, Gen Con, IpExpo, and TCT.

Gadgetzz is most famous for covering the creepy puzzle “11BX1371”

(Wikipedia)  (Washington Post)   (Independent)   (Gizmodo)  (Slate)  (The Mirror)  (TheDailyDot)  (Hackaday)   

Featured in ITN Documentary ‘Slender Man Killings’

Vice Documentary Ha11BX137ween

We aim to bring you different news about interesting gadgets, games, and technological and scientific advancements.

We hope you enjoy reading Gadgetzz.

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