Johny Krahbichler

Johny (John-Erik) Krahbichler is the CEO and main author of Gadgetzz, since 2009. While Mr. Krahbichler’s expertise is in consumer electronics, his true passion is science´, and educating the world about the universe we inhabit. Currently Johny is using his experience from covering trade shows such as the CES, to work with trade show exhibition marketing. Also co founder of the non-profit Scientific Literacy Matters

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Indy Autonomous Challenge
What looks a lot like Indycars or Formula 1 cars is in fact something completely different. The Indy Autonomous Challenge
Goal - Management
Photo by Isaac Smith from Unsplash Having a clear marketing strategy is essential for growing your business. It helps your
Artificial intelligence has extended its services to assist blog writers and web content writers. With the help of automation, online-based
Whether you believe it or not, playing online video games can, indeed, help in managing your depression or anxiety. Here’s
The Antikythera Mechanism is known as the world first computer. It was used to calculate the movement of stars, presumably
The Doogee S98 rugged phone has arrived. Preorders for the general public are officially available from March 28th. The S98

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