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The Technology Behind A Rock Concert Part 1: Overview

3 years ago / 0 comments

I got a unique tour of the technology behind the Sweden Rock Festival, Swedens largest rock festival. Thanks to production manager Urban Näsvall for the awesome tour! This overview will be the first part in …

Check Out This Awesome Beat Making Machine

3 years ago / 0 comments

This awesome looking analog beatmaker machine was created by artist Koka Nikoladze. He calls these machines ‘Koka’s Beat Machines’.

3 Technologies That Will Be Ubiquitous In Two Years

4 years ago / 0 comments

People can be a little bit slow when it comes to technology. As often as not, we tend to brush off major technological innovations when they’re brand new, only to find that they’re commonplace …

ShiftWear: Shoes With Built In E-Ink Display

4 years ago / 0 comments

These are possibly the coolest sneakers ever. Featuring E-Ink displays on both sides that can display any custom image you like, and even animations. They are controlled through the included iOS/Android app.

CES 2014 Opening Keynote With Gary Shapiro

5 years ago / 0 comments

Today the 2014 CES in Vegas kicked off with a keynote from Gary Shapiro. Gary Shapiro is president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) which produces the annual CES convention. He had …

Scientists Manage to Capture a Thought on Video

6 years ago / 0 comments

Have you ever wondered what a thought looks like? With new technology, scientists in Japan have detected the thought that went through a baby zebrafish’s brain when it saw food.