UnoTelly Review, The Perfect Service For Bypassing Geofilters!

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This my friends, is no longer an issue!


Unotelly is a DNS service which allows you to use several online streaming sites in countries outside of where they are supposed to be used. For example Netflix, which only works in some countries and really only has its full selection in the US. With unotelly you can use it anywhere in the world, and performance isn’t compromised.

It really sounds great, but how well does it work?

After testing the service for several weeks on tons of different sites and networks i’ve come to the conclusion, that this is a very good service. It allows you to use so many services with so little hassle it’s just awesome!
Having tried similar services before only to be disappointed i was happily surprised at how fast this was. It worked perfectly almost all the time and setup was fairly easy.


I used mostly Netflix for testing UnoTelly. If you don’t know of netflix it is a movie streaming service, sadly it’s not available in most parts of the world, due to copyright issues. However with unodns it not only becomes possible to use the service, but you can switch between UK and US selections.

It’s important to remember that this service actually doesn’t give you any of the services that are listed, it only allows you to use them outside of the designated area. Which is still great! Just keep that in mind..

The setup was at first somewhat confusing, but for someone who is even moderately handy with computers it shouldn’t be a problem. The guides that were provided were very good and easy to understand. I had the whole thing running within 15 minutes. If you were to have problems anyway UnoTelly provides some of the best customer support on the web.

First you have to enter a custom DNS, which you can do fairly easily on most devices. Then you have to register your IP address on the Unotelly website, also very straightforward.

Well working though you have a bunch of different streaming services to try out. And it all works very fast, using netflix i could get HD streaming even on my slowest connection.

And after using it for quite a while i’ve concluded that it’s a very stable service too, with many backup servers it was up and running 99% of the time. In fact they have servers all over the world, you can see a map here. So wherever you are in the world, there will always be a unodns server up and running close by.

The only negative thing i’ve found after rigorous testing is that you have to enter you IP on the website every time it changes, which can be somewhat annoying if you use for example a mobile broadband that changes IP address with every connection.

Don’t worry though, because there is in fact a tool, called unohelper which lets you select between your entered ip addresses  with the click of a button.

unotelly features

So lets say you live in a country with access to these streaming sites (not US) why would this service be of any good? Well you see after Netflix recently became available in Sweden i thought that would make this service obsolete. How wrong i was, it turns out that the selection of movies is greatly superior in America compared to Europe. So even with native access to Netflix this service is still a must have for me.

Still don’t believe me? No problem, why should you. Lucky for you UnoTelly offers a 100% money back guarantee within seven days.


Now lets say you live in the US, what are the reasons for this service then? Well, for one you get access to quite a few titles only available in the UK as well as some other streaming sites that are country specific, BBC for example.

This sounds very great, but why is this better than a basic VPN connection? This is what they had to say

Unotelly vs VPN:
1) Unotelly as a DNS service is much faster than VPN. We offer unlimited speed with no bandwidth cap. (Faster internet connection = better quality)
2) With Unotelly users can stream their favorite content in HD in contrast of the VPN services.
3) Users can use Unotelly in every device they want (videogame consloes, tablets,iPads and more)  in contrast of the VPN which can be used only in PC.
So there you have it.
What makes this service so very superior though is the fact that its supported on virtually any device. Not kidding, you see custom DNS servers can be added to pretty much any internet enabled device.
This is something i did not know about until now, but let me say it was a pleasant surprise.

Protect your privacy and block unwanted spam through our TripleSafe service.

Have you ever misspelled a domain name, only to be redirected to your ISP’s website and bombarded with
spammy ads? That’s a nasty little trick called DNS poisoning, and we aren’t having any of that
here! TripleSafe eliminates all DNS poisoning, replacing spam and ad pages with the oldfashioned “Browser Cannot Find the Page” message. Relax knowing that your browsing is safe
and secure, entirely in your control, and with your sensitive data far from prying eyes.

Absolutely fantastic, a great bonus on top of the streaming capabilities. This has in fact made browsing the web alot more enjoyable!


The devices & connections i’ve tried this service on includes:

Laptop, Asus Transformer Prime, Iphone 4s, Ps vita, Ipad (original): 2mbps, 24mps broadband. 16mpbs 3g and 80mbps 4g connection.

Channels i tried include but are not limited to: Netflix (us&uk), Spotify, Discovery channel, BBC, HBO and Hulu.

Now the funny thing is, there wasn’t much difference between them all, it really is unbelievable how fast this service is.

Only when i ended up on a public wifi with >1mpbs and over 9000 ping i ran into some trouble.

There are literally too many channels to list here so you can check out what channels are available here.

 Also this service may be one of the best solutions to online piracy, because it actually allows you to pay for your media. It’s pretty hard to pay for movies when you literally can’t. But here is a solution!

If you were wondering, yes this is 100% legal to use!

Any questions you may now have can be answered on unotelly’s website.

Here is the link to a 8day free gold trial. And after that runs out there are still some free channels..


I rarely write a review this positive, and i am rarely positively surprised by services like these. But this i have to say was an exception! UnoTelly gets 5/5 stars! 

For allowing me to watch Doctor Who and Star Trek legally with this speed..