Ha11BX1371ween Special, Vice Creepy Puzzle Mini Documentary

6 months ago / 0 comments

Last year VICE released a Halloween special that depicts what it was like for me to receive the creepy puzzle known as 11BX1371. I worked with them giving them all the …

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Slot Machines with Sports Themes That You can Play in Hungary

2 days ago / 0 comments

Doing and watching sports are both popular pastimes in Hungary and there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to personalize your gaming experience by playing on a sport theme slot …

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Some of the Must See/Must Experience Gadgets of 2021 and Beyond

2 weeks ago / 0 comments

If you’re the type who absolutely must have the latest and greatest in hi-tech gadgetry, 2021 is beefing up to be a banner year for you. Maybe you’re into music and …

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Business Essentials for Your Strategic Growth Plan

3 weeks ago / 0 comments

Did you know that only half of all the startups survive for more than five years? Did you know that only one-third of them go as far as ten years? If …

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Smart Folder Hacks 101- Automatically Manage and Organize Files on your Mac!

1 month ago / 0 comments

One of the most prominent and most accessible ways to automate files on your Mac is the act of managing files and folders. One such hack to automate files is through …

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How To Find The Right Enterprise Software Solution For Your Business

2 months ago / 0 comments

There are several important steps to find the right enterprise software solution for your business. Regardless of what industry you are in, you certainly want to use the best software for …

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How to cheat in Borderlands 3 / BL3 Mods

4 months ago / 0 comments

There are many reasons why one might want to cheat in Borderlands 3. But for me it was simply that after some time the game stops scaling properly. I was playing …

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