ITN Documentary ‘Slender Man Killings’ Features 11BX1371

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A while back I was approached by ITN Productions (Independent Television News), who told me they were doing a documentary about the creepy puzzle I received a year ago. They wanted to hear my side of the story, and so I was interviewed over Skype. Tonight (Oct 31st) that documentary will air. It will be on the British channel 5Star at 9pm GMT.

In my opinion Halloween is a very appropriate airing date. I still haven’t seen it myself, but I will tell you what I know so far.
Below is also the official trailer:


The documentary which is called “Slender Man Killings” is actually about a few different internet phenomena of the Slenderman/11BX1371 kind. When they found out about 11BX1371 they decided to put quite a lot focus on that one. Undeniably it is an interesting story.

The Guardian seemed to think highly of it:


At the time when they interviewed me they were looking for PWW (Parker Warner Wright) the creator of 11BX1371, to interview him personally. Now that is not exactly an easy task, PWW is pretty hard to get a hold of. Brief answers to questions on social media aside.

I don’t know if they ever got to interview him in person, but I have a feeling that the guy on the picture might be him. The leather mask fits his image. You can also see part of the original 11BX1371 video in the trailer.

As for other similar events that the documentary will be taking up I’m not sure exactly what they are. But the obvious one is the ‘Slenderman killings’ where apparently two girls stabbed their friend due to influence from the internet.


Either way it will be very exciting to see how the documentary turned out. If you have 5Star make sure to tune in tonight. If not, it’s likely to pop up on the internet at some point.


Slender Man


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  • Cyren14. Mar, 2017

    I don’t believe it’s truly PWW in this overly-dramatic “documentary”.

  • Ingram MacDuncan14. Feb, 2017

    Are there any sites I can watch it? I can’t start this documentary on my computer…

    • Ingram MacDuncan28. Mar, 2017

      BESIDES My5 of course… Excuse me… Istn’t it supposed to acccept EVERY postcode? It doesn’t seem to include polish ect… Would it be fixed, or…

  • Cold Fish03. Nov, 2016

    Somebody please help this pop up on the Internet. We’re not able to get it in the States, apparently.

  • Bobo02. Nov, 2016


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