PWW Launches A Cryptographic Website

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For those unfamiliar with PWW and 11BX1371, check out the original post. 

Some days ago I wrote an update in the 11b31369 post about PWW (Parker Warner Wright) creating a website (  As expected it was soon discovered to contain puzzles and codes.

The website has only been up for less than a month, yet a lot has already been uncovered. It seems the website is quite expansive.
Part two of 11bx1371 “11b31369” has not yet been solved. However people are suggesting the website itself may be part three of the puzzle.

According to the Credits section, the website was designed and created by something called ‘The Heathen Group’. Who that is remains unclear. The information on their website is obscure to say the least. A whois search reveals that the site has been up since November 2010, it doesn’t however reveal much else of interest. But it has the same registrar as, which is certainly interesting.

The credit page also mentions a Parker Warner Wright Productions, LLC.

Another unknown is a Public Relations person called Dominic D. Miller. The link on his name leads to a media contact form.


PWW’s Logo

Several hidden pages have been found on PWWs website, however this does not seem to impress PWW. It seems he is hinting for people to go further.

See, if people came at me with videos or explanations on how they solved the puzzles on my site, I would congratulate…

Posted by Parker Wright on Thursday, March 24, 2016



This is what has been uncovered so far:

A red dot on the front page leads to some sort of puzzle page.


The page you land on has changed at least once, as well as the location of the dot.  These are the puzzle pages in the order they appeared.


Hidden in the background, the IRC Team: Cyphere, Prova and Medas found the following sequences: 1) I-01-A and ‘I-III-II’ on the 2 level. 2) G-06-F 3) III-18-R 4) D-I. We can also see the inverted text: “Is the cage you love the home you also hate” from the song ‘Where are you?’ of Coil. 5) II-08-H 6) J-O. 7) L-U. 8) M-P 9) S-W

The strange symbols were deciphered by user Tru3F0x, checked by dtty revealing a new cipher that uses quinary numbers. – Solved!

You can find the deciphering of the symbols here.


This is another hidden page that has been found. The screenshot was posted as a comment on PWW’s Facebook profile.

Stay tuned for more updates

Update 1:

Well, well, well! Someone on my twitter feed found a mistake in my puzzle, at this level. That someone got to this…

Posted by Parker Wright on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Final Update:

It’s become evident that PWW’s website is an ever-changing jungle of puzzles. It’s quite difficult to keep track of it’s many frequent changes. So therefore I will stop updating this post. However if you are interested in following the progress made on PWW’s website I direct you to the wiki, which is doing a great job at keeping track of everything.

However make sure to follow our updates on part two of the creepy puzzle! You can find that post here.


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  • Cicada 3312. Nov, 2020

    Is it a bad thing that I visited PWW’s website turned on nightmare mode and didn’t get spooked by it? I’m not even joking.

  • Quantum26. Jun, 2016

    Going to the scripts directory ( shows a page with a circle with shapes and an eye in the middle, right clicking says “Error 404: Right-Click not found”

    • Quantum26. Jun, 2016

      Ok, that is a 404 page, the actual script folder is /scripts.

  • Anonymouse19. May, 2016

  • Huff21. Apr, 2016

    If you are at the main page ( and you right click with your mouse, you get a popup saying:


    If you access the link for the second video ( and right click there, you get:


    Right clicking on all other pages say “do not even try”, except fot the “credits” page, that says:

    Think about it.


    • Casey Kiracofe24. Apr, 2016

      I saw this too but I couldn’t find out what it meant. Perhaps you have? Or someone else?

      • Huff26. Apr, 2016

        I could not decifer the puzzle, yet :P.

        I found two posts at reddit that already mentioned this, after I posted the previous comment.
        Some people think that is encoded with Ceaser Cypher and then it is an anagram…

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