“The Trigger” New PWW Video 2021

Latest update 2021-11-20

Parker Warner Wright the creator of the infamous video puzzles such as “11BX1371” (commonly known as the Creepy Puzzle), “11B 45 1T8”, and “11B 3 1369” has once again released a new video.

The new video titled “The Trigger” seems to go in a different direction than his previous videos. While it’s as creepy as the rest, this one seems to make more of an effort to hide his puzzles.

In fact when I first saw it I thought that if this were the first video he sent to me I wouldn’t even have recognized is a crypto puzzle and would have never published it. Presumably he wants to give his viewers more of a challenge this time around.

In the video a girl seems to perform a satanic ritual, but there isn’t much else to be said about it. His usual spectrograms, codes and gestures aren’t at all obvious in this one.

The Trigger is posted with the description “Something to pull”. which I would bet is a clue. Though there aren’t any guns featured in the video so some outside the box thinking will be required.

What is interesting is that he names his co-star, presumably the girl in the video.

So once again I wish those who still work on his puzzle videos the best of luck. Feel free to email me your findings and I will publish them here.

Now for the video:

Update 1, 21-11-20:

Our first set of clues comes from a person who calls themselves ~HKA-178

The sound file from The Trigger

He had the following to say

About the latest video. Look at the beat

The beat are not in the same frequancie

I think the beat use alphabet number with frenquencie exmaple: A=1 B=2 C=3 …etc but it need the HQ audio

When the audio from the video is run through a spectrogram ~HKA-178 claims that the audio quality is too bad to decode anything properly.

To me this implies there’s a physical HQ version somewhere out there. That was the case with the first video. The second one also featured physical items that had to be found. They were mainly located in Poland around Warsaw. So any curious Poles, keep your eyes open!

~HKA-178 also says:

The last song on this channelle use the same proces to hide message

Referring to: