The Persistence VR Review

the persistence

In November this great game is free for all PS Plus subscribers. And don’t worry, it can be played in non VR mode as well. I tried it out, and you can see the first hour of gameplay on PS5 in the below video

The game takes place on a starship called The Persistence. 500 years in the future the station has been caught in the pull of a black hole and thus begun to malfunction, becoming overrun with mutated crewmembers out for murder.

It’s a very unique type of game that plays very well both in VR and non-VR. Each time you die you can print your consciousness to a new body. But the catch is, each time the space stations layout changes. The game saves at every new level you reach so you don’t actually have to go through everything again.

All in all it’s a great game that deserves some attention. Give it a shot! It’s also available on PC.