NUMBER ZERO 2.0: Magnetic Car Phone Holder And Air Freshener

number zero

What makes this little gadget stand out from other magnetic car holders is the background animation powered by your cars AC exhaust. By spinning a fan inside the Number Zero it creates a holographic animation. You can see it in action below.

But what’s also cool about is the air freshener function. You can put little white tablets into the Number Zero that will supposedly remove bad odours. What’s interesting about the tablets is that they’re complete scent free. So how do they work? Beats me. But their site says you can add your choice of infused oils or scent to the pad yourself.

Of course it also works as a magnetic phone holder. For phones that don’t have a magnetic backside this will require an additional metal plate. While I don’t have one of those I couldn’t try it out fully. It would work for example with the latest iPhone lines. But I can tell it does have a strong magnet so there shouldn’t be an issue. The white edge of it is also lined with a rubber material to protect your phone.

Currently I have it in my car simply for the simple but really cool animation. The animation turns on pretty easily but it does require some airflow, so if you have your AC on the lowest setting it won’t move. For me it usually moves when the car is heating up or on a hot day when the AC fans speed up.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the Number Zero, it’s a cool and unusual addition to my cars decor.

You can currently pre-order one on IndieGoGo for $24, and there are a bunch of designs to choose from besides the one I was sent. In fact this isn’t their first round on the crowdfunding site, and they have since updated the design of the Number Zero since I was sent the 1.0 version.