Someone Sent Me Another Puzzle

Of course people send me imitations of what PWW did every now and then. Mostly I just get attempts to make a creepy video sent to me in a Youtube link. None have been well made enough to spark my interest. (The parody video excluded) However, this one stands out a bit from the rest.

On the 19th of August I received this email with the subject “#Solve and contact”. The above image was included. It’s uploaded here as I received it.
creepy mail
The sender has been hidden. But attempting to forward the message reveals it as: [email protected]

The first part of the text is an Edgar Allan Poe quote. The rest I have not found anything on. Neither have I found anything substantial on any ‘Enigma Society’. Only this blogspot, which may be completely unrelated.

I wasn’t able to find anything hidden in the image myself. I tried playing around with brightness and contrast in Photoshop. There’s nothing in the file attributes either.

I’ve been able to find one other instance of it being posted on Reddit. It was posted by a user called EnigmaSociety with the title ‘#Solve and #Joinus’. This post leads me to believe it’s a hacker recruiting thing.

Still I’m unsure what exactly to make of it. If anyone wants to investigate further, feel free.


If you’re looking for the coverage of Parker Warner Wright’s (PWW’s) 11b puzzle you can find it here.