The First Parody Of 11B-X-1371


Somebody commented a link to this video, at first glance it looks like another copy of the creepy puzzle video. However you’ll soon notice it’s a parody video, and it’s really quite hilarious.

Looking at the channel of the creator it would seem it’s a promotion for a product or company.

None the less it’s worth the watch.

The video is like the original, it has codes and clues. Mostly are probably just acting, and while I haven’t checked on much of it, the last binary code seems to be credits.

The creator of the video commented this:

Thanks for the kind words Johny. No real commercial intent here, although if someone wants to buy one of the camera dollies I build I’ll be happy to sell them one.

Really we were just trying to have a few laughs and showcase the fact that our little town of Daytona Beach, Florida has a thriving comedy scene.

And like you, we anxiously await the next message from the creator of the original video. There’s certainly a complex and compelling message there. I’m hoping it’s more along the lines of a political statement and not a legitimate threat, but like everyone else, I’m certainly curious to see what’s next.
-JG Pasterjak

And thanks to you for the awesome video!