Xerox Printers Can Now instantly Translate Documents Being Copied

xerox translate printer
Xerox has introduced a new cool feature for some of their printers. Any document you scan can be instantly translated. It’s called the Xerox’s Easy Translator Service.

It seems to be working really well too. While a feature like this is certainly cool, it might only be useful on rare occasions.
With that in mind the fact that the translation feature is a subscription service becomes kind of hard to justify.

The first 30 translations are free. So if you would only use it on very rare occasions that might be enough. But after that the service will cost you $10 for every 10 pages translated, or 100 pages for $50. If you’re planning on using the service very frequently Xerox also offers $5,000 for 100,000 translated pages.

For 10 cents per word you could even get a human to translate the document for you. But honestly that seems like a bad deal in comparison.