PWW Gets Banned From Facebook, Comes Back. New Fan Version of 11BX1371 Appears

It has been a while since I addressed the world of PWW (Parker Warner Wright), the creator of 11BX1371. In the meantime a few things have happened.

Due to Facebooks ‘real name policy’ his account was removed. If you wish to follow him on Facebook now you’ll have to ‘like’ the page. Which you can find here. 

His Twitter account was not affected.


Then on the 9th of January a video titled ’11BX-2024′ appeared on Youtube. Many people thought this might be PWW releasing another puzzle.

Here is the video in question:

However PWW has announced on social media that this is not his work. However I have to say, so far this looks to me like the most well made attempt at recreating the 11BB videos so far. Considering that most attempts we’ve seen so far have been extremely rushed and not really worth bothering with.

So what do we know about the ’11BX-2024′ video?

It may not be Parkers work, but it does apparently include real ciphers.

There is a chat group on Discord working on deciphering the video. This chat group consists of completely different people than the 11B IRC chat.

Most of their progress can be found in this archived 4chan thread. More recent progress can be found in the actual chat group, which can be found here. 


It has been suggested to me that this video titled “11BX1643” which was posted on Youtube earlier was made by the same person who created the “11BX2024” video. The reasoning behind this would be similarities in production techniques.

The description for that video reads

“This video is no joke, marketing or whatever you can think of. This video we came into the game on a CD club SkillZone from France. We addressed directly to us and we do not know why – try to crack it.”


I reached out to PWW for his opinion on videos like this one. Somewhat to my surprise he got back to me, with this statement:

“Yes, I have been made aware of the new “fanflick.” Aside from the overall poor quality, and lack of depth in the ciphers, there are a few striking differences to note. Mainly, the people or person who made 11BX-2024 made no qualms about throwing direct and named threats about. This was not present in 11B-X-1371, given any perspective, no matter how deluded — one would have hoped. Plus there is too much — color.”

Apparently he is not as impressed as some with these videos.

It’s worth noting that a majority of the people in the discord chat seem convinced of an ‘alternate’ explanation to the 11BX1371 puzzles. Where something they call the ‘Underground church’ is behind both the original 11B video as well as this one, rather than PWW.

They have been reaching out to me with this since the begining of the whole 11B thing back in 2015. However they haven’t done a great job of convincing me, with a lack of meaningful evidence and a conspiracy theory like use of wording. You can find this here.


I don’t know about the alternate theory. What I can say however is that this whole ‘creepy cipher video’ thing is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. People are still intrigued by them, and undeniably it’s fun to join a community working on a common goal.