A Functioning Linux Computer from a Printers Wifi Card!

There is no end to creativity, someone has taken the wifi card from a printer and actually modified it to run Linux! I can’t imagine its a super computer, but the idea is very cool!

The parts come from a Lexamrk X6570 all-in-one printer wich goes for around 100$ on eBay. This printer has with a Lexmark N2050 WiFi card running BusyBox. After soldering a few wires to the USB/UART pins on the N2050, [sjMoquin] had a very cheap but highly useful single board computer running Linux. So far neither the USB or WIFI is functional but the hackers [sjMoquin]& [Julia Longtin] are currently working on that. so a fully functional embedded Linux board based on a printer’s WiFi card should be available soon.

At the time of writing this the link is broken, but here it is anyway.