Intel Extreme Masters, CeBit Hannover SCII Final

MG 14735

intel extreme masters grand final scii sc2 cebit hannoverThe Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) are a series of gaming tournaments held in various European locations. These ESL sanctioned events include events in Starcraft II, Counter-Strike 1.6, Quake Live, and League of Legends. The body that owns the league is Turtle Entertainment. The League has existed for five seasons. Sponsored by their namesake, Intel, the Season Five tournament finals took place at CeBIT, located in Hanover, Germany.

Gadgetzz was at the grand final of the SCII game in the Intel Extreme Masters tournament. Where some of the best gamers in the world came to compete over a 30k$ price!

MC won the Puma in SC2-finals of the Intel Extreme Masters season 6.

After an even final between MC and Puma that went for one last decisive fifth map, it is now clear that the MC once again won a major tournament. It looked bad out of the SK-player when he was in with 2-1 against Puma from the EC but he came back and took the last two maps. Thus, the MC not only GSL champions, DreamHack Champions and Home Story-master, but also World Champion.

MC’s road to victory
2-0 Grubby
1-2 White-Ra
2-0 HasuObs
1-2 Elfi
2-0 Nerchio
3-0 violet
3-1 Feast
3-2 Puma

final Placements
The first MC – $ 35,000
The second Puma – $ 15,000
The third MMA – $ 9,000