CES 2015: A Look At The Breathometer Mint

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breathometer mint breathcheckThe Breathometer mint is an upcoming portable breath and hydration monitor. It certainly is an interesting product, but it’s actually a whole lot more useful than it sounds. At this years CES we got a demonstration of the Breathometer Mint. Check it out;

This device can check how bad your bad your breath is and how hydrated you are, but since it uses so called ‘Volatile Sulfur Compunds’ to monitor these things, the Breathometer Mint can tell us a whole lot more than just if your breath stinks.

“Changes or trends in your breath quality can tell you a lot about whether your oral hygiene program is adequate, or if you need to do more,” says Charles Michael Yim, CEO of Breathometer. “Over time, low breath quality can be a signal that you need to visit your dentist or physician about other possible causes. Like all of our breath analysis technologies, Mint offers a fantastic solution for making decisions about your personal health.”

So essentially just by checking your breath, this device can tell you quite a bit about your overall health, and specifically your oral health. The Breathometer Mint would detect things that not even a dentist would see during a standard check up.
Pretty neat.

Breathometer Mint from Breathometer on Vimeo.

“The mouth is the first part of the body that shows signs of dehydration. In fact, oral mucosa hydration is a proven method used by medical professionals to determine if dehydration is contributing to overall medical conditions,” says Tim Ratto VP of R&D.
“We are excited to provide a product that will not only address breath quality, but also offer a portable solution to better manage personal hydration. We see hydration detection to be of extreme value to athletes, health conscious individuals, and the elderly.” “Breath contains so many biomarkers that serve as important indicators of health status,” adds Yim.

“We are very excited to bring this new portable source of health information to consumers; it’s really just the beginning of where breath analysis can take us.”
Breathometer mint CES 2015 demonstration prototype
For the demonstration we were shown a prototype of the Breathometer Mint. It told us that Breathometers VP of marketing had 3/5 in breath and good hydration. In his own words, he could probably use a breath mint. Which is why I think it was handy and rather clever of them to hand out packs of breath mints with the Breathometer logo on it.

We were also told that the Breathometer Mint doesn’t require you to blow in it like most breathalyzers, instead it uses a fan to collect only the air inside you mouth, for more accurate results.
Breathometer mint CES 2015 (3)
This is one of the few products at the CES which I really liked, but did most certainly not want to try. You could say I was worried about having bad breath and being terribly dehydrated, which would not have been surprising considering how stressful the CES can be.
Breathometer mint CES 2015 booth

The Breathometer Mint is currently up for funding on IndieGoGo.

However Breathometer already has two alcohol breathalyzers for the iPhone on the market, you can find more information about those on their website.