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Computer Keyboards Can Be Used To Detect Parkinson's Disease

4 years ago / 0 comments

MIT researchers have discovered a new way of detecting early-stage Parkinson’s , using a computer keyboard. Unique and ingenious are the first things that come to mind, and it makes one wonder what other …

CES 2015: A Look At The Breathometer Mint

4 years ago / 0 comments

The Breathometer mint is an upcoming portable breath and hydration monitor. It certainly is an interesting product, but it’s actually a whole lot more useful than it sounds. At this years CES we got …

Dr Phil Talks About Telemedicine At CES 2015

4 years ago / 0 comments

  Dr Phil just finished talking about his new telemedicine app at the CES 2015 Digital Health Summit. He had a lot of interesting things to say, so check it out:

Cefaly: A Headband That Send Electric Impulses Into Your Head To Remedy Headaches

5 years ago / 0 comments

This headband sends electric impulses into your head to reduce headaches, specifically migraine headaches. Sounds a bit scary, perhaps even pseudoscientific. However research has shown that this device actually works, and with a tingling …

This Device Can Power a Pacemaker With Heartbeats

5 years ago / 0 comments

Pacemakers and other electronic implants can be quite difficult to keep running, patients need surgery to replace batteries. And so far body-powered generators aren’t strong enough to charge these kinds of devices. American and …

Real Life Dermal Regenerator Coming Soon

5 years ago / 1 comments

The Cellular Regenerator or Dermal Regenerator is a device on Star Trek capable of speeding up the healing process of living tissue by using light. A lot of the technology we now take for …