Sony reveals its first phone without Ericsson at CES

Sony 814865c

https://i0.wp.com/gfx.svd-cdn.se/multimedia/dynamic/00814/Sony_814865c.jpg?w=740In October 2011, Sony agreed to buy Sony Ericsson’s half a part of the company for just over 1 billion €.

Ion Xperia, Sony Ericsson’s first smartphone from Sony for the LTE 4g network, in exclusive partnership with AT & T, the S is the first Xperia smartphone in NXT Series Sony HD technology.

Xperia Acro HD, the sequel to Acro, and Xperia NX, a variety of Xperia S, both for the Japanese market.

Xperia S will be available to consumers worldwide from the first quarter of 2012 and Xperia Ion will be available in U.S. via AT & T in the second quarter.

Xperia and Xperia Acro NX HD will be available in Japan in the spring, it appears.

“CES marks a major milestone for both Sony Ericsson and Sony with the introduction of the first smart phone from Sony,” writes Bert Nordberg, CEO of Sony Ericsson.