MLG Spring Championship summary

Viewer Graphic

https://i0.wp.com/wordpress.tools.majorleaguegaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Viewer-Graphic.jpg?resize=387%2C970So now the MLG Spring Championship is over and it turned out to be a big success. In fact The MLG Spring Championship was the biggest Esport event in North America ever. With 4.7 million unique views over the weekend and 2.2 of them was on Championship Sunday. MLG Spring Championship had 437.000 views as its peak and destroyed the last record that was 241.000 views from Providence 2011. And with over 20.000 people there to spectate it was a huge success.

The StarCraft 2  ended up with DongRaeGu as the winner of the main tournament, Flash was the winner of the Kespa Invitational. And winner of the WCS USA National was Vibe from ROOT Gaming. Over at the main tournament DongRaeGu took his second MLG victory. And did it when he defeated Slayers Alicia. The best non Korean player was SaSe with his 4th place. MarineKing took the 3rd spot.

Maybe we didn’t end up seeing the best performance from every player, it wasn’t that surprising because of their schedule. Even if MLG already had a hard schedule that was very stacked, some of the players also played one more tournament and might have had  a hard time playing there best because of that.

Over at the League of Legends tournament we saw Team Solo Mid take home the championship over CLG. Now we can only look forward to the next MLG that will be 20-22 July with Summer Arena for sc2. And after that we can see the Summer Arena for League of Legends on the 3-5 August. And at last we will see that Summer Championship taking place in Raleigh on the 24-26 August.

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