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Sony reveals its first phone without Ericsson at CES

10 years ago / 1 comments

In October 2011, Sony agreed to buy Sony Ericsson’s half a part of the company for just over 1 billion €. Ion Xperia, Sony Ericsson’s first smartphone from Sony for the …

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Minecraft coming to Xperia play

10 years ago / 12 comments

There have been half bad buggy, but most of all quickly taken down mobile minecraft ports for various devices. But this seems like something more official. What you see on the …

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Sony Ericsson "Live view" might be the watch phone we have been waiting for

11 years ago / 0 comments

With the new ipod nano we knew it wouldn’t be long before real watch phones started appearing. This sony ericsson clippy phone just started it’s sale in some european countries. UK …

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