Minecraft coming to Xperia play

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Minecraft running on a sony-ericsson xperia play, "psp phone"There have been half bad buggy, but most of all quickly taken down mobile minecraft ports for various devices. But this seems like something more official. What you see on the picture is the full pc client ported to Sony-Ericsson xperia play. It looks awesome too, video in the article.

But i cant help feeling this is a pr trick from Sony, they did after all get some pretty bad critics on how they handled the whole psjailbreak case. And still are handling it in a weird fashion. But, hey portable minecraft. I’m not complaining…

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  • minecraft12906. Jun, 2011

    oh man nice. Minecraft is awesome they have it mobile now? SWEET

  • Anonymous31. May, 2011

    I like your blog, more minecraft please :).

  • Anonymous30. May, 2011

    jesus, what a hype this game has..

  • Eensgezind30. May, 2011

    Great blog! Keep the posts coming, i enjoy reading them!

  • Razor29. May, 2011

    can’t WAIT for this. I’ve got a Thunderbolt and I hope it works well on there!

  • Domino29. May, 2011

    Minecraft on my Xperia? That would be awesome! :D

  • nowbuddy29. May, 2011

    Cant wait =)

  • Hubs Foreman via Facebook28. May, 2011

    Hubs Foreman approves of this

  • Jessica Hall via Facebook28. May, 2011

    :D yay

  • Omar Darish Darish via Facebook27. May, 2011

    darn i just bought a chinese knockoff, now i want this

  • Gadgetzz via Facebook27. May, 2011

    My hopes are that the portable version will be able to play on regular servers and use all the regular blocks, not like Tibia’s ME version wich happened to suck..

  • Johny25. May, 2011

    I LIKE

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