MirrorCase, Changing the way you take photos and video.

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MirrorCase, a case with a built in mirror (like the name might suggest), allowing you to take pictures horizontally. I got to see what MirrorCase had to offer at the CES , and it seems nice. They have a case for the ipad and the iphone 4/4s, both are rather bulky. Then there is a new version for iphone 5, which uses a new flip out mirror, this makes it a lot thinner than the other cases.

The mirror can rotate to take pics both in landscape and portrait mode. They promise unchanged picture quality and good durability. They have also said that an ipad mini version is coming soon.

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What more? The ipad version has an acoustic port which redirects sound towards the user.

So what is this actually good, except being a cool idea. Well, you can use it to easily record lectures, or perhaps recording movies at the cinema. Possibilities are endless. They also showed an app which lets you record discreetly, with an image overlay.