Intels Awesome Ultrabook Tree

There were quite a few interesting things at the Intel booth at this years CES, but probably the most fun thing was the Ultrabook Tree. Consisting of several touch enabled Ultrabooks at the base of the ‘tree’ all connected to 176 Ultrabooks hanging above. With objects floating on the touchscreens you could send them off and watch them go across the ultrabooks, as all of them were truly connected.

As the objects travels up the trunk, LED lights illuminate its journey before it blooms into view and ripples
across the canopy of all 176 Ultrabook devices that hang like leaves on the branches of the Touch Tree.

The first-ever interactive Touch Tree at CES, the installation represents the
transformative, personal and inspiring nature of technology in our lives. It visualizes Intel’s
research into how to create personalized technology features and experiences within a collective
setting and is a representation of the interconnected mobile world that we create together. The
Intel Ultrabook Touch Tree illustrates how simple interactions have the ability to create richer
and fuller experiences using both visual and tactile methods of communication.

 Features 181 Ultrabook devices from Acer*, Asus*, Dell*, HP*, Lenovo*, Sony* and
Toshiba* that people can buy today
 Stands 18.6 feet tall
 About 500,000 touch gestures expected to be performed over the show’s 4 days
 More than 200,000 blooms are expected to be launched into the canopy
 Powered for more than 120 hours with Ultrabook devices booting up in 7 seconds or less