LifeProof Bike Holder For Iphone 5 Tested

130115 5g bike clip 3 4 view 1 rev 2


LifeProof makes the best shockproof and waterproof cases around. They can take a serious beating, yet are indeed very usable in every day situations. Not to mention they look very good considering how shockproof they are.

If you want to see our test of the case itself you can find it here.

And to accompany their incredible cases they also sell a Bike holder, something I’ve been looking for for a long time. After trying it for some time here are my conclusions:

Note that this is the Iphone 5 version, there is an Iphone 4/42 version which is essentially the same, only minor differences.


Installation was very easy and it fits to just about any bike. Just add more rubber rings if it doesn’t fit perfectly.
When its well attached It’s very sturdy and can take biking on any terrain. Especially since the LifeProof case is both water and dust proof.

The holder is attached to the bike on a ball which is easily unlockable / lockable, so you can turn it in a lot of directions. Allowing both portrait and landscape use.

Yet It’s incredibly sturdy, you can go mountainbiking and It’s no problem.

Lifeproof bike holder back

You can easily remove the phone with a flip-switch, which is also lockable so your phone doesn’t accidentally fall off. and because of It’s color coding you can instantly tell whether It’s locked or not.

And after rigorous testing, well you couldn’t break it if you wanted to. Its really that good.
You can leave it on the bike out even if the weather is rough, and it will come through looking brand new.

And looking for flaws, i could find none. But you do need a LifeProof case to be able to use it.

And in fact the bikeholder isn’t limited to bikes, you could put it on a motorcycle, electric wheelchair or anything that fits really. After all It’s not only good for taking cool videos, you can use it as a GPS, handsfree or just for holding your phone when using it.

The holder is $39.99. Which is a fair price considering the quality.


Here is a video of me testing it. The result is very nice, a bit shaky but that’s because of the Iphone.

[Product page]