LifeProof Water & Shock Proof Iphone Case Review

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LifeProof-Case-AssemblyThis the LifeProof Iphone case, a case which is waterproof up to 2m depth and also highly shock proof. And it really can take a beating, like you can see in our video below. You could probably run this case over with a truck and it wouldn’t even make a scratch. And it does all of this without being very thick at all, in fact the thickness doesn’t increase much at all. And it looks good too, which is always a bonus.


All of the buttons are easily accessible and the touch screen responds like usually with the case on. And it came with a headphone adapter, allowing you to use your headphones with the case, and even use headphones under water if your headphones are waterproof. 

A very cool case indeed, allowing you to take pictures and film under water, not having to worry at all about dropping your phone, and you can even listen to music in the shower if you have watertight headphones.

After trying it i think this is a very good case, and i do definitely recommend it.

After the drop test which was slightly higher than 2m right onto stone, there weren’t even any marks on it. Just wipe the dirt away and its like new.

You can get this case for 79$ at their website

They have several colors and some other varieties too, both for iphone 4/4s and iphone 5.




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