Apple Prepping a Low-cost 4-inch iPhone



Over the weekend, rumors have been flying around hinting the release of the next-generation iPhone in 2013. Initially, it was rumored that Apple will release a low-cost 4.8 inch iPhone very soon. But the latest we hear from the markets is that, Apple will launch two new iPhones later this year. Yet it’s only the smaller one that is tipped to hit the markets this year, and it’s speculated that the larger model might have to be in the wings until 2014.

As we have witnessed, Apple has had a challenging but successful 2012, now it appears that the company is on a mission to make 2013 a smash hit year for itself. The competition in the smartphone market is only getting tougher, not just for the small companies but also for the big names like Apple. The latest buzz is that, Apple is gearing up for a fruitful 2013 – the two 4 inch iPhone models it’s planning to launch later this year is a clear indication of that. It’s rumored that the two iPhone models are expected to support in-cell display technology.

DigiTimes recently came out with a report stating that Apple was previously expected to release a cheaper version of its iPhone model with a relatively capacious screen. And going by what we hear from the local sources, Apple is indeed making a bigger screen model, but it’s only the one with the smaller screens that are expected to hit the market in 2013.

And here is another interesting piece of information we hear from the local sources. It’s like, one of the version would be iPhone 5S and the one next, not quite predictable could be an affordable model. It’s rumored that the latter will sport a polycarbonate body and will be available in distinctive colors. To make it more affordable, the manufacturers may go for an inferior hardware combination. So, it doesn’t look like the iPhone will be ‘less for more.’ It could be the other way around.

As we have seen recently, the in-cell display technology has resulted in more production delays in many models, so if Apple is looking at a low-cost model with the in-cell display technology, then it needs to make sure that the phone has enough speed to help the users perform his or her operations quickly.

Despite the fact that, Phil Schiller, Vice President of International mobile marketing, had stated that Apple will never come out with a low-cost model, we still hear from various sources that a cheaper version of the iPhone is very much on the cards.

In the current trend, Apple’s smartphones cater predominantly only to the high-end mobile users, and not the average users. Contrastingly, its competitors Nokia, Samsung, LG and the likes have developed affordable handsets to meet the average users’ budget as well. Considering the growing competition and the rumors we hear from local sources, it looks imminent that Apple’s low-cost iPhone is pretty much on the cards.

The iPhone 5S is expected to hit the markets in March, 2013. We’ll have to wait if Apple is really planning a low-cost iPhone release this year.