Internet of Things Urges Companies to Work Smarter

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By now you might have heard people talking about the “Internet of Things” and chances are the IoT (as some call it) has already started to weave its way into your life and business. …

CEO Of Gadgetzz Honored for Excellence in Journalism

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John-Erik (Johny) Krahbichler, CEO of Gadgetzz AB was recently honored for his work by Worldwide Branding. He was selected as one of this years VIP members, this special distinction honors individuals who have shown …

[FAIL] 13 Year Old Kid Tries To Phish On Steam, Gets Hacked Himself

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This is absolutely hilarious. This guy tried to phish for some dudes password via MSN. And it ended up with him getting utterly pwned. The lesson is, don’t phish. I love his end comment. …

Star Craft II V.S League Of Legends As An E-Sport

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And that just about sums it up, no?

4 Dreamweaver Alternatives For Linux

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Designing websites during the early stages of the public Internet entailed using software no more complicated than Notepad, the real heavy lifting done by the coding skills of the designer in question. As time …

When Your Blackberry Stops Working.. [Funny]

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I’ve never had these problems, but of course I use a pretty large dongle with my Apple. This video is from the BBC show The One Ronnie.