Funny product reviews

“I bought this HDMI cable around Christmas time. Even though I just had a small 20-inch vacuum tube television and VCR-laserdisc combo player, my favorites immediately were up-converted to High Definition. I’ve honestly never seen Mulan like that before. Now I don’t have to imagine what it would have been like to face the Huns – I can experience it every Thursday night in the comfort of my own home.
After inviting a few neighbors over to verify what I was seeing (I’m a skeptic at heart), me and my TV experience became the talk of the block. Women started dropping off fresh-baked cookies and men were lining up to mow my lawn just to see the picture quality. My life at home has been transformed. I finally feel like I have a place where I belong. ”

What’s great about it: I get to tell people i bought a 1000 dollar 4 foot cable.
What’s not so great: People make fun of me about it after i leave the room.

Same cable

While in agreement with the other reviewers that this cable renders the most life-altering pictures and sound, actually upconverting vhs to bluray, and displaying 3dhd in 4d ultra hd, I found there is room for improvement. There always is. Try buying two of the cables and running them in parallel for an even better experience. Optimum setup for a 1080i is four cables in parallel. Suddenly nirvana. For a 720p tv, use eight cables, but link them as four sets of two in-series. When hooked up with a flux capacitor and a selenium rectifier or wheatstone bridge, you can view the future in quadraphonic phasal matrices.
Some temporal distortion is an unfortunate artifact, but it should be fixed in an uprgade due by the CES.
What’s great about it: Can also be used with a four-poster bed
What’s not so great: No discount for buying by the case quanties

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