Three Different Ways A Phone Can Solve a Rubiks Cube Faster Than You

Using an Ascend P6 the “MultiCuber 3” combined with Lego Mindstorms and a custom app. It takes pictures of the unsolved cube from all sides, to understand the starting point, then figures out the quickest path to solve it. Most human cubers would take about 120 moves to solve the 4 x 4 puzzle, making MultiCuber 3’s 50 somewhat impressive.

Using a Samsung Galaxy S II the Cubestormer II, also combined with Lego Mindstorms is the faster rubiks cube solving phone. Time wise it beats the human world record of 5.55 seconds.

This one isn’t really a cube, but hey, a dodecahedron is even more impressive! This one uses the now old HTC Desire, and to no surprise Lego Mindstorms.