Guess what the goo is!

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The gooey stuff you are looking at isn’t ice cream! It’s Mc Donald’s chicken Mc nuggets!!!  I’m not kidding, that’s about 4000 chickens right there compressed and crushed, don’t you just feel hungry from just looking at it? Well then read how it’s made:

Basically the entire chicken is smashed and pressed through a sieve – bones, eyes, guts, and all.

There’s more: because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, soaked in it, actually. Then, because it tastes gross, it will be re-flavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.

Keep in mind that both the ammonia and coloring is technically labeled as poisonous!

Yeah, that’s just disgusting…

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here is one that is also very thorough
 and provides very good info.

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  • mcdonaldspro07. Jun, 2011

    its funny because no matter how much anyone knows about it, they’ll still eat it, information and websites like this are pointless, useless and a waste of time, I still love mcnuggets and mcdonalds and will still go there every now and again

  • Joshua Incardona06. Jun, 2011

    almost none of that is true.

    • Joshua Incardona07. Jun, 2011

      And now a source to back that up
      What they didn’t talk about on that article is the color. It doesn’t need to be colored. Why? Because it it turns white when it’s cooked just like premium cuts of chicken. Moreover, dyes don’t work that way.

    • Kitty Glover10. Jun, 2011

      I was going to post a similar article, but thank you for beating me to it. Glad to see somebody doing some fact checking.

    • Lukas B. Santing18. Jun, 2011

      Still, it looks disgusting, and the fact that its the eyes guts and all is horrible. I never really liked Chicken Nuggets anyways, but now I’m not ever eating it…

    • Joshua Incardona19. Jun, 2011

      doesn’t contain eyes, or guts. sure that sometime gets in there, but same with ground beef. It is merely chicken that’s mechanically scraped off the bone so none gets wasted. It contains meat and tendon.

    • Michael G Sullivan21. Jun, 2011

      Did you even read the article he posted? Are you retarded?

    • Alex Aranow16. Jul, 2011

      you poor, poor consumer. You believe anything they tell you. whats next, “the communists are invading?” And don’t tell me food, inc is fake too.

    • Johny Sticklesson26. Jul, 2011

      They are out there, hide yo kids, hide yo wife. The communists are coming!

    • Joshua Incardona26. Jul, 2011

      then my apologies to you good sir.

    • Joshua Incardona26. Jul, 2011

      Alex, sheep like you see a documentary and think it’s the end-all-be-all. The final authority. You probably thought Bowling for Columbine was a real eye opener, too. Why don’t you pop open a few books about manufacturing and food processing. Why don’t you take just five minutes to do some research on the internet. Please guys, use your brains.

    • Michael G Sullivan26. Jul, 2011

      My apologies, Josh. My comment was to Lukas.

  • Mark Heimdall Kjorlien02. Jun, 2011

    if your going to mcdonalds worrying about how good it is for you, your in the wrong place, it tastes good, lets leave it at that.

  • Adam Rickel29. May, 2011


  • Sam Nobach29. May, 2011

    no me gusta.

  • Jacob Ming27. May, 2011

    nom nom nom.

  • Melvin Hameau27. May, 2011

    Actually, the pink goo looks like bubblegum. I’d eat that.

  • William Burrow27. May, 2011

    that is awesome and disgusting at the same time.

  • Anonymous22. May, 2011

    McD’s has used ll white meat since 2003 and even when the did use msp it was not soaked in ammonia.

    • Johny24. May, 2011

      I’ll be glad to change the article as soon as you provide a reliable source of this information. Thx for the comment though

  • Riddick09. May, 2011

    dear god n heaven above! I just lost my lunch. THAT IS FUCKING DISGUSTING!!!

  • Anonymous06. May, 2011

    i like mcnuggets

  • jim30. Apr, 2011

    that looks sooooo good i want some

  • Anonymous29. Apr, 2011

    nom nom

  • serge28. Apr, 2011

    i love poultry paste, burger king #9 with cheese serve it up

  • matt22. Feb, 2011

    meh…i like mcdonalds

  • Tazerenix16. Nov, 2010

    That is the single most awesome thing i have ever seen!

  • anon10. Nov, 2010

    This is actually mechanically separated chicken, and you won’t see it ever at fast food restaurants. Wendy’s/McDonalds/etc almost always say their chicken is 100% white chicken breast or something along those lines.

    There are many usda rules and regulations for this stuff, and you won’t see it in every day foods. One food that you would see this stuff in was hot dogs, but now-a-days all i’ve seen is 100% all beef or whatever dogs.
    Not 100% sure, but i’ve heard this stuff is used in prison food.

    • Johny15. Nov, 2010

      i wouldn’t be so sure about it not being used in fast food chains just cause they say so, :) Thanks for the comment though

      • Andrew19. Jun, 2011

        I would be sure about it, if they were lying then they’d not only get fined by the USDA, but it would be horrible international press causing them millions in lost customers. It’s just like a rumour, just like the cheeseburgers being so preserved that they don’t degrade

  • JimiBizzle01. Nov, 2010

    Dat gloop looks awahgwanning in my mooof

  • Nick30. Oct, 2010

    Any else feel hungry now?

    • Nik08. Jun, 2011

      Actually yes very…It looks like taffy xD

  • ♬♪☆28. Oct, 2010

    Uhhh that just not right (>人<;) yuck

  • Mike27. Oct, 2010

    I will not be eating “nuggets” again unless I make them!

  • Name (required)20. Oct, 2010


    Name (required):

    thats just wrong!

  • parcore wannabe20. Oct, 2010

    my face literally went
    when i saw this

    i was hopin it was silly putty

    • Johny20. Oct, 2010

      haha, then how do the hamburgers look? :O

  • Bug20. Oct, 2010

    It’s spelled “chicken”. Just FYI.

  • Name (required)14. Oct, 2010

    thats just wrong!

  • Kim12. Oct, 2010


  • Chad Johnson01. Jun, 2012

    isn’t this a picture of pink slime aka beef not chicken?

  • Monica Ghiloni Kashner28. Mar, 2012

    really gross, I am never eating it again.

  • Shawn Daniell28. Jan, 2012

    You know I don’t eat McDonald’s, I personally find it disgusting, but people who do, that is their business whatever floats you, and this line about ammonia and dye being poisonous…. well yeah it is a poison; then again so is chlorine, but oh shit NaCl table salt and anything, water and oxygen included in large enough quantities per body type and blood weight as well as age and many other factors can become poisonous. This is just fear pressuring generalization. You want Mcdonalds, it is yours, as for me no thanks it is processed crap I don’t eat it, but to scare people with half truths is poor reporting, and shows a lack of character and poor research skills.

  • Samuel Michel14. Dec, 2011

    never again will I eat another chicken nug.

  • Mike Jackson11. Dec, 2011

    I will never eat Nuggets again, ever!

  • Cody Troy Urban23. Sep, 2011

    I love… chicken nuggets..

  • Zach Ressmann13. Sep, 2011

    It’s made of complete shit anyway. No one should be eating that garbage.

  • Emilio Perey08. Sep, 2011

    Aye, Carramba and I worried about Taco Bell!

  • Therese Mccoy-Claesson08. Sep, 2011

    I KNEW there was a reason I didn’t eat these! Everybody should read this…

  • Sibel Güvenir Hughes03. Sep, 2011


  • Robert Leeds29. Aug, 2011

    f’ing troll stop posting garbage lies like this, someone should ban his @$$.

  • Jake Desbien21. Aug, 2011

    I’ll still eat it.

  • Jake Hayes21. Aug, 2011

    that looks tasty.

  • Johnathan Lam16. Aug, 2011

    its still looks gross.

  • Max Laverdière15. Aug, 2011

    OMG !!! Sick…

  • Paul Blokeyman Cassidy14. Aug, 2011

    That’s made me hungry!