Using Video Walls at Home [Infographic]

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When we watch sci-fi movies we see video walls everywhere. You can just access your computer or watch tv anywhere. Obviously because money is a thing most smart homes won’t come with every wall surface being a screen. But it does seem that interactive video walls are becoming more trendy. Maybe you’re one of those people who has a screen on your refrigerator, then you know what I mean.

Interior design trends change every few years. You will see similar styles that come and go throughout the years. And when it comes to interior design styles, there are many details that change as crazes come and go. One of the biggest disruptors within interior design is technology. People are increasingly curious in incorporating technology to enhance their decors at home. With that being said, it needs to work effortlessly and flawlessly to work.

One smart home fixture you may or may not be familiar with is video walls. Adding a video wall isn’t a particularly new technology. It’s been used in different industries for decades. But today they are being used at home more and more. As technology reduces its price over time, it resulted in the increase of home video wall market, and is now being used by many tech savvy individuals, not only for security but also for entertainment.

The below graphic from our friends at Userful, shows how you can utilize video walls throughout your home. If you’re considering improving smart capabilities of your home, then here’s a great starting point.



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