This Home Security System Has A Patrol Drone

Might this be the future of home surveilance systems? Rather than having several cameras spread out, you can just have a drone circle your property.

As an added bonus I’m sure it would freak out burglars if they start breaking into a house and a drone starts hovering above them.

The Sunflower Home Awareness System™ combines outdoor sensors with an aerial camera for a complete view of what’s going on around your home.

The security system uses so called ‘Smart lights’ that are placed around your property and sense when something is wrong. The drone then confirms that there is indeed an intruder. And tries to deter the burglar with lights and sounds.

The confusion of all this happening might actually deter an intruder far more effectively than just an alarm.

The smart lights also feature machine learning to detect and get better at detecting whether it’s sensing an animal, or someone who lives in the house, or if it is indeed an intruder.


The drone only has a battery time of 15-20 minutes, but that will be more than plenty for the way it’s used.

“Normally the drone will only be deployed for a few minutes at a time. We don’t think it will be flying continuously. It will automatically charge between deployments, keeping it mostly at full charge for when you need it.”

So far there’s no release date or retail price. But you can reserve one already!

There’s a $25 reservation fee, however in return you’ll get $100 off the retail price for reserving it.

Sunflower Labs