Finally There’s a Smart Nightstand

Something obvious has been missing from the smart home of the future. A smart nightstand.


Perhaps you already have a wireless charging pad on your nightstand. But should it not be built in? It’s 2019 for crying out loud..




Well it seems the consumer electronics industry is catching on. The Next gen Nighstand by Sobro features everything you need; cooler drawer, wireless charging, Bluetooth speakers, motion sensor lighting, cable management, accent lighting, and charging/power ports.

All I’m missing is a coffee maker that makes a cup of coffee when the alarm on your phone goes off.


“We bring the rapid pace of innovation that you’d find at a Silicon Valley tech start-up to an industry that has seen little change over the last 100 years, looking at our categories with fresh eyes to identify the opportunities, but have the extensive retail experience to steer clear of the pitfalls”


The company also sells a smart coffee table, which includes wireless charging, a quiet cooling drawer, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and a companion App to control the smart sleep features; and it works with Alexa and Google Home.



To future proof their products, they have incorporated Wi-Fi connectivity so the Sobro smart products can be updated as technology progresses.


Source: Sobro design