Best Search Engines You Might Not Have Heard Of

The majority of people have heard of popular search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. But did you know that there are plenty of other amazing search engines available? Many people choose to use one of the alternatives listed below for privacy reasons.

You won’t get targeted advertisements, curated search results, and your sensitive personal information stored without your permission by using any of them. Let’s take a look at what made the list for being one of the best search engines you might not have heard of.

First on the list is Hotbot. This is a privacy-oriented search engine that everyone will enjoy. If you’ve ever struggled with finding the results for your search inquiry, you’ll love to hear that Hotbot will give you results from multiple other search engines, including Google. This allows you to easily and quickly pick and choose from a plethora of results without compromising your security.
If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the trends and still wants to keep your sensitive information safe, Hot will be the best privacy-oriented search engine for you. This is an up-and-coming search engine, but those who have used so far have loved it. You won’t have to worry about data being saved or the website tracking your location as Google does.

Next, we have DuckduckGo. If you’re looking for a classic search engine that has natural search results, this is a search engine that you will want to try. Just like the others on this list, it is private and secure. You won’t have to worry when other popular search engines encounter a data breach, leaking their user’s personal information. DuckduckGo gives you the results you’re looking for in a simple and easy to use fashion.

Ecosia is becoming more and more popular. Believe it or not, this is a search engine that will plant trees when you search a specific amount of times. On average, for every 45 searches conducted on Ecosia, one tree is planted. This is thanks to the website sponsors. Ecosia is a safe and secure search engine alternative to Google and Yahoo. Why not help the planet by searching for the information you were already looking for? This one is a no-brainer!

WolframAlpha is a privately owned search engine. One thing that sets it apart is by using algorithms, AI technology, and a knowledge base, you will get expert-level search results. There are a variety of topics that you can search about, whether that is culture related, technology, science, or just everyday search inquiries. You won’t have to worry about your data being tracked when you’re using WolframAlpha.

Lastly, we will be talking about Boardreader. If you enjoy using forums such as Reddit to find information, you’ll love the way Boardreader works. This search engine combines message boards in forums to find the information you’re looking for. You can filter the results by either using a specific date or language. If you’re just starting to get into forums and online message boards, this search engine is a must.

Bottom Line
With so many amazing search engine alternatives to the big guys, there’s no reason not to keep your information safe and secure. All of the options above our privacy-oriented and give you the results you’re looking for. What are you waiting for? Give one a try today.

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