DIY 3D Arduino Laser Harp

wooden diy laser harp cube




This wooden cubic laser harp was built by jbumstead on Instructables. It looks really amazing. You can’t buy one, but at the bottom of the posts I will post a link to the building instructions.


“Laser harps are musical devices with laser beam “strings.” When the beam is blocked, a note is played by the instrument. Usually laser harps have the beams travel vertically in the shape of a fan or vertical lines. In this project, I built a laser harp with stacked laser beams that propagate horizontally.”


“The beams reflect off mirrors to form square shaped beam paths. With this design, the lasers land on “frets,” which makes it much simpler to block notes with a single finger. Instead of a MIDI output like my previous laser harp, this device has built-in MIDI player so the output is an audio signal.”

“This means the device does not have to be connected to a computer or MIDI player (e.g. keyboard) to play sound. Both built-in speakers and audio output jack are available for playing music.”



The intricate design makes this thing look more like a spaceship than an instrument.


New type of borg cube?


The laserharp consist of a huge amount of custom made pieces. So if you’re interested in building one, be ready for it to be a bit more challenging than a LEGO set.



See the laser harp cube in action here:

Building instructions