What will be the next must have technology of 2011?

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What do people think will be the most wanted tech stuff in 2011? Here’s a poll made by CEA:

Many also thought 4g would be a huge jump, but considering many carriers all over the world are using HSDPA+ and calling it 4g i am sceptical if it will actually change things like 3G did.

  • What will be the must-have CE technology in 2011?

    Tablet 46.42%
    Streaming-content box 19.89%
    Mobile phone 10.88%
    That is up to the individual consumer 10.08%
    3DTV 9.02%
    E-reader 3.71%

  • What’s next for TV technology?

    Multiple devices will be used to meet consumers’ appetite for TV programming 48.48%
    Traditional TV will continue to rule with viewers 21.21%
    3DTV technology will explode next year 13.13%
    Mobile TV will finally find its place 12.12%
    Not sure, but I can’t wait to see what’s next 5.05%

  • What’s in store for in-vehicle technology?

    More CE technologies will come factory installed 49.78%
    Safe-driving technologies will help drive the sector 22.67%
    Speech recognition will be paramount 21.33%
    I will be at the Electric Vehicle TechZone to find out 6.22%

What do you think is the primary reason for consumers to connect their CE devices (noncomputer) to the Internet?

This poll question is sponsored by Rovi.

Increases likelihood of finding the exact content that they are looking for 41.47%
To get rid of the box and wires in their living room 20.74%
Cheaper alternative to acquiring over-the-top content 18.89%
To try something new to see if they want a new method for getting content 14.75%
Other 4.15%

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