Typo iPhone Keyboard Case Hands On

typo keyboard test
Typo is an iPhone case with a built in keyboard like none other. Although It is pretty similar to a blackberry keyboard, in fact similar enough for RIM to sue the creators of Typo.
But is it any good? I got the chance to try one at the CES, and It’s good alright. It feels good in your hand and it really does make typing a lot easier. To be honest i think It’s far superior to the blackberry’s keyboard, mainly because the keys are softer and more responsive. It’s connected via bluetooth, has a built in battery and adds just short of a 1/4 inch in thickness and a less than 3/4 inch in total length to the iPhone. No other add-on keyboard for the iPhone is even near this good.
It would be unfortunate if this product never made it to the market because of RIM (Research in motion) the creators of Blackberry.

TYPO PRODUCTS – iPhone Keyboard Case from Typo on Vimeo.