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5 Things to Consider Before You Start Building a Mobile Game App

8 months ago / 0 comments

The mobile gaming industry has experienced massive growth over the past two decades. According to App Annie’s recent report titled The State of Mobile 2020, mobile games account for 56 percent …

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Top Prank Call Applications for Android Users

10 months ago / 1 comments

Today prank calls are not the popular medium that they once used to be. Today we live in a sensitive society, and the presence of caller IDs and the legal implications …

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Ranking the 5 Most Successful Apps in the Last 5 Years

11 months ago / 0 comments

The success of an app lies in its growth strategy. While many perfectly useable apps have come, the ones that have gone failed to adapt and move with technology. So which …

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Tips and Tricks to Get Better Photos With Your Smartphones in Low Light

1 year ago / 0 comments

There is a huge problem with smartphones – their image sensors are pretty small. Moreover, in the night hours, there’s not enough light to capture a nice picture. This leads to …

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The Evangelion Oppo Phone Has the Coolest Box Ever

1 year ago / 1 comments

It’s rare to care about the box a phone comes in. But the box is clearly the coolest thing about Oppos new evangelion themed phone. The phone which is called the …

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How Technology Is Revolutionizing Phone Cases

3 years ago / 0 comments

  It is hard to believe that the very first iPhone hit the market twelve years ago. In just a short amount of time, smartphones have evolved into an almost unrecognizable …

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