Rumours Iphone 5s release in June 2013

The rumour mill has started again with rumours about the next generation iPhone. As usual, Apple are saying nothing and leaving us to speculate and guess until the moment arrives. The date that is being thrown around is June 2013. Some of the possible new features will be a Super HD screen and camera, providing even better resolution than the 5.

It has also been said that storage will be doubled to an impressive 128GB. If the new iPhone is anything like the iPhone5 gamers will definitely be happy. The iPhone 5 proved to be one of the best mobile devices for gaming at mobile casinos.

With a new popularity in online casinos on smartphones, and with people now spending more time online on their smartphones than at a desktop, companies remedied the fact that Apple do not support Flash and created iPhone optimised mobile casinos which coupled with the iPhones realistic graphics and smooth interface provided a very realistic casino experience.

The most valued features when it comes to gaming at sites like http://www.mobilecasinocanada.ca/ are speed, and how easy it is to use. The A6 chip in the iPhone 5 provided a processor that was double the speed of the 4s. If Apple comes up with something even faster for the 5s, plus better resolution, it could mean amazing graphics and endless possibilities when it comes to the different types of casino games. Right now, you can download casino apps to your phone, register an account, and choose to either play for practise, or pay for money, you can also just play from the mobile browser. There a huge range of games such as blackjack and roulette for you to choose from. If the new iPhone has 128GB of storage you won’t have any worries about downloading as many games as you want.