Mauz App+Appcessory turns your iPhone into a motion gesture touch mouse

With this thing you can turn you iphone into a really cool motion sensitive touch mouse for your PC. There are many apps out there that turn your iDevice into a touchpad, but this is something unique! Probably best to just check out this video, see what i mean.

And if you want this product to become real, you can check out their kickstarter.

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Appcessory Adds Wii, Kinect-like Controls to iPhone, Turning it into Gesture-Controlled Wireless Mouse; Kickstarter Campaign Runs through March 8th to Mass Produce by June 2013




PALO ALTO, California (February 4, 2013) – Mauz (www.mauzup.com), the only appcessory to turn the iPhone into a motion and visual gesture controlled wireless, optical mouse, won the coveted “2013 Best of Show” award at the Macworld/iWorld expo last Friday, February 1st.


Macworld representatives handed Gilad Meiri, CEO of Mauz’s manufacturer Spicebox LLC, the coveted “2013 Best of Show” banner to hang from their booth, validating the appeal of a smartphone-based, gesture-controlled, all-in-one remote control for people’s computers and TV set-top boxes.


A Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/VKmkL9) for $150,000 runs through March 8th to mass produce the prototype for market by June 2013.


“The Mauz team is ecstatic from receiving Macworld’s highest honor, and we thank the organizers very much for this recognition,” said Gilad Meiri, CEO of Mauz’s manufacturer, Spicebox LLC.  “Winning Macworld’s “2013 Best of Show” validates our vision of turning people’s smartphones into Minority Report-like gesture controllers for their computers and TV set-top boxes.  We invite fans to invest in our Kickstarter campaign to bring Mauz into stores by June.”


Watch the introductory video at www.mauzup.com and experience why the future of wireless computer control with undreamed of functionality is an already-ubiquitous, universal remote – otherwise known as your smartphone.




About Mauz

Mauz is the Macworld “2013 Best of Show” appcessory that turns the iPhone into a motion and visual gesture controlled ergonomic, wireless, optical mouse.  The keychain-sized hardware plugs into any iPhone 4/4s/5, and the Mauz app opens – enabling users to remotely control any computer program or media player via customizable packages of touchscreen motion gestures, “z axis”/3D gestures (rotating, flicking wrist while holding iPhone), visual gestures (finger swipes & hand hovers over iPhone’s front-facing camera) and six shortkeys – created by developers through Mauz’s open SDK.  Mauz comes preconfigured with gestures and shortkeys for Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers, as well as the full Microsoft Office Suite.  A Kickstarter campaign is active through March 8th at http://kck.st/UBNfMA to bring units to market by June, 2013.  Watch the introductory video and find more information at www.mauzup.com  and manufacture Spicebox LLC’s site at www.spicebox.it.


About Spicebox LLC

Founded in 2010, Spicebox LLC is committed to enriching the smartphone experience with high-end appcessories – featuring smart, uncluttered hardware design, user-friendly app interfaces, and the simplest implementation of innovation possible.  Its line of cool and useful smartphone peripherals includes Intoxicase, a combination mobile app and bottle opener embedded into a high-quality polycarb case that logs how many beers – and which brands – users have imbibed, and automatically finds local taxi companies and connects users to them with one touch; and Pulsens, an innovative heart rate monitor for sports and healthcare use.  A line of appcessory tools for Black & Decker is currently in development.  More information is available at www.spicebox.it.  Spicebox LLC is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.