Please Don't Buy The Xbox One

The xbox one revealing showed many cool things, for sure.  There were things however that just don’t seem right, this post is to warn people of these things, as they where not made quite clear.

First of all, used games. Forget about them, if you want to play a used game you have to pay a fee to play it, a fee that costs the same as the game. Not only harming you but seriously threatening video game stores, which is bad for the gaming industry. A way bigger threat than piracy in fact.

Second is the annoying kinect 2.0. It always has to be connected for you to be able to use the xbox. Not a dealbreaker but certainly annoying.

Also the fact that you have to connect to the internet every 24 hours to be able to use your xbox. Sounds like a great thing to bring on a caravan trip, right?

The Xbox One will use region-locking to lock games down geographically. The reason for this—on any of the many devices and media formats region-locking exists—remains shrouded in the fog of pointless ideas.

8GB of RAM memory, only 3GB are usable..

Whats up with all this TV?  TV isn’t new, my xbox 360 can watch tv.

This gif illustrates these problems quite well.

And this considered the Xbox One just does not seem worth the money.