Nano art – Why would you make a 10nm toilet?

nano toilet 150x150

Nano toiletThere is certainly a lot of hype surrounding nanotechnology but most scientists involved in the field admit that we are still a long way from harnessing the full potential of this new technology. However, one thing that scientists do seem to already be quite adept at is creating nano-scale sculptures. These micro works of art are certainly a testament to human ingenuity and the wonders of modern technology but they also serve as a welcome reminder of how at heart we are still a very silly species. Click more to see them all!

World’s Smallest Snowman created by David Cox

Nano-Guitar made by Dustin Carr from Cornell

Nano-Toilet by Takashi Kaito


Nano-Athlete by Keith Morton

Nanobama by John Hart & other Nanobliss folks

Nano-Enterprise by Takayuki Hoshino & Shinji Matsui

Nano-Playboy by John Hart & other Nanobliss folk

Nano-Chess by A. Linden & S. BauerdickNano-Chess by A. Linden & S. Bauerdick


Nano-Yacht by Takahiko Morita & Shinji Matsui

Nano-Yoga by Chiaki Minari & Shinji Matsui

Nano-Debutantes by Tim Savas

Nano-Vodka by John Hart & other folk at Nanobliss


 (by Frank Hartley & Jayant Neogi)



MIT logo in nano tubes