What if every company was as generous as Dropbox?

Dropbox have given away terabytes of free online storage over the years. Yet they are making a grand profit, they even turned down an offer from Apple some time ago. So how can a company that gives away it’s product for free still make so much profit?

See people like to be treated like loyal customers, not like an ATM for the company, therefor people buy more! Pretty basic right? Well some companies should learn from this.

How my Dropbox looks now

It is a well known fact that Dropbox loves giving away free space, they have various “tasks” you can complete on their website to get free space (see picture below)

Also the most recent sign of generosity, all pro accounts just got their space doubled! And for those early buyers of the 25gb package, well they just got an email thanking them for buying Dropbox in the early stage and now they won’t ever have to pay a dropbox bill (unless they upgrade). Pretty damn sweet!

click to enlarge!