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Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins [Update]

7 years ago / 0 comments

More than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim …

Bill Gates Mugshot found in Microsoft Outlok 2010

7 years ago / 5 comments

A funny thing in Microsoft Office 2010, Bill Gates mugshot is used as the contact placeholder.

Google's Super Secret Server Halls, what might they be hiding?

7 years ago / 0 comments

Google uses toilet water to cool its servers! We all know google has secrets behind their doors, alot of them. Slides instead of stairs for the staff, google segways, google bikes, google everything. But …

How to opt out of Googles "illegal" tracking of your web history!

7 years ago / 0 comments

You may have noticed Google’s new policy change. What you might not have noticed is the fact that they can now track your every move until you tell them not to. They use cookies …

Megaupload was planning a way artists could get better paid online, thats why they where seized

7 years ago / 2 comments

As you can clearly see Megaupload was taken down by the government to protect artists?   >”In December of 2011, just weeks before the takedown, Digital Music News reported on something new that the …

One of two things can happen – Discovery

8 years ago / 0 comments

I found this clip on discovery channel, and as always they are inspiring new thoughts. I think everyone interprets this clip in their own way, but still, its worth a watch.