Microsoft Reveals Xbox One



Microsoft has announced the new Xbox, it is called the Xbox One. It has some interesting features and great processing power, but some say It’s not much of an improvement.


The Xbox One focuses a lot on voice control, and is controlled by a kinect like device.

ku-xlarge (1)

You can also use Windows 8’s snap mode (with one app “snapped” to the side of the screen” to run another app on the side of the screen while your movie, or TV or game is playing.

Other than that it has a slot in blu ray player and it comes in a matt black finish with glossy details. It will come with a 500 gb harddrive. And it will have full skype support.

chrome-2013-05-21-10-07-12-16-610x336 chrome-2013-05-21-10-20-44-67-610x326


And this is really all they told us. No word on the rumored illumiroom, and you could say that other than great processing power this is nothing new. However here is a picture of what the controller will look like.

xbox one controller