Why piracy does pay over buying!


Right now the entertainment and software selling industry is a dying place, at-least for the good old guys. Piracy is bigger then ever, and it actually does pay to pirate a piece of software or a movie. With Spotify and Grooveshark the music industry has been blessed, but why isn’t the rest of the industry following?

The world needs new ways to receive their software, movies and games, otherwise.. Well it cant last forever the way its working, i haven’t bought a CD since 2005, i use only spotify.
The gaming industry is also moving forward, Steam was released quite some time ago. Also On-Live and Game-fly are revolutionary in the gaming industry.
The movie industry? There is always Netflix, but thats more or less Us only. And you just cant stream everything from there.
The TV industry? Wow this is probably the worst, i download full seasons of shows and watch them. If this was available in spotify format, that would be awesome!
The software developers however are dinosaurs most of the time. Things being released at different times in the world. That’s a catastrophy. Think of the internet as one country, you can release your boxes with CD’s whenever you want, you know those dont pay as well!