Hands On With Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A

There is almost no dearth to the number of players in the arena for tablets these days. But those who make it to the market are just a handful, it may surprise you. Whether the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A will make to market expectations is a matter of prudence to check before you decide to go for it. The factors that you need to consider are undoubtedly its price as it relates to the features and utility.
When it comes to plain looks, the product is up to mark that no one will deny. It is quite thin and weighs lesser than comparable products. It also takes a lot less time to boot and that is again a favorable point in favor of the this model. But one thing you may have to consider is whether it can take the rigors of rough and tough use when you transport. Obviously, it seems a little too fragile, but only time can tell how rugged it will stay over a period of time.

The design itself seems to be a lot simpler than competing products. There is hardly any face button you will see and it has only a 10 inch screen surrounded by a black bezel. The power button and microphone are at the top, of course presuming that you are holding it in landscape mode. On the other hand, on the left side there are a few worthy utilities – HDMI port, SIM slot and a jack for headphone. At the bottom resides a USB port you can use for charging. The other ports are for data transfer and docking. On the right side rest the volume buttons all alone.
There are bloatware just like in many tablets and phones, and if you tried uninstalling them, you may not succeed at all. You have to live with it for the rest of the product’s life, whether you like it or not. There are lots of games, but it is doubtful if the majority of those who use the S2110A will every lay their hands on them. There are also some apps readily made and built into it, and obviously, users will find use for them. One reason for which you will appreciate the S2110A is the Evernote and Skype that are already there. Another notable thing about the S2110A is Lenovo’s own screen layout filled with its own widgets.
The keyboard is really nice just as much as the track pad, but you will have to give yourself a time frame for getting accustomed to using the two, and the reason for this is that too much has been crammed into too little space. Most first time users had trouble with getting oriented to the keyboard, but at the end they did not have much to complain about. For those with bigger hands, perhaps they will have to think about adding an independent keyboard if S2110A is thrust on them.
Inside the S2110A is a 2-cell Lithium-polymer battery that can keep powering the unit for approximately 9 hours or a little more perhaps and that even with the Wi-Fi enabled, and one of your applications running. Users are reporting that with brightness set to 50% or lesser, the battery life extends considerably by up to 3 hours. Playing games, however, can dramatically reduce the extended time.
In conclusion the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A should work fine if you can ensure that you will not abuse it beyond a certain limit. The great looks are a point worth considering if you want to order one now.

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