Burrito Bomber, The new Food Delivery UAV

darwin aerospace burrito bomber

Unmanned flying vehicles can be used for much more than warfare and geographical mapping. Food delivery can come next, thanks to Darwin Aerospace.
Darwin Aerospace is an independent small laboratory by scientists engaged in various projects with a focus on exploring the air and space. Now they can, however, be something great on the tracks when the group presents its new use of unmanned aerial vehicles, known as UAVs: P. It is called the Burrito Bomber.

The team draws a burrito during Burrito Bombs, indicating a landing in an app for the iPhone and sends the small plane. When it reaches the predetermined location released burrito away and singles down gently thanks to a parachute. Once on the ground it is ready to eat.

Technically, this means hardly any great progress, but Darwin Aerospace mention how this could affect food supplies 2015th The reason why advance planning is that in the U.S. today are not allowed to fly anyway with unmanned vehicles under the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), but this may be changed to September 2015 because the administration right now is reviewing the use of commercial flying craft.

And if you ask me this is a better use for drones than killing civilians..